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Interview with Chairman of Kaibo, born of professionalism, Kaibo LED car lights

Release Time:2019-05-22

Foreword: Compared with the crazy trend in 2017, the market of LED lamp in 2018 is much calmer. The considerable market development and profit margin made numerous manufacturers and merchants pouring into the LED market last year. Not only the traditional lighting enterprises layout the LED market, but also many cross-border brand enterprises have joined the LED army. The passion and capital craze of the market promote the continuous expansion and development of the LED automobile lamp industry, but the bright appearance does not match the market ecology. After one year's development, the LED lamp market is also facing a new round of competition and test. This cover personage invites Shenzhen Kaibo Photoelectric Chairman Zhang to discuss together, where is the next trend of LED lights?

Technology accumulation is the cornerstone of product development

Kaibo and LED have a long history. It's only a natural thing to enter the field of car lights. Kaibo originated in 2003 and belongs to Shenzhen Hongliang Photoelectric Co., Ltd. In 2010, Shenzhen Kaibo Photoelectric Co., Ltd. was formally established. Since its inception, Kaibo has been devoted to the research, manufacture and sales of LED automotive headlamps.

From the inception of the company in 2003 when the LED packaging, then to the Suzhou company's LED taillights, and then to the creation of Kaibo in 2010, Kaibo every node of everything, Zhang has still fresh memories. "At first, we do civil lighting, because the market is depressed, from 2012 to the original factory to do ODM fog lamp, to 2016 to really transform the design of their own brand lamp, 2017 officially launched their own lamp products." Mr. Zhang said that although there were some problems, they still bumped into each other until today, only through experience can they understand.

Adherence to quality is a necessary skill in product sales

Adherence to quality is the considerable profit of LED, a must-kill technology automobile, which attracts numerous manufacturers and merchants. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, Kaibo is not timid, but full of confidence. Cable believes in quality first. "Kaibo's core competitiveness is research and development, adhere to the original factory standards to design car lights. It can be said that we are very confident in the lamp industry. Now many manufacturers have copied and imitated our lamp on the market, but the quality can not be imitated. At the same time, we will continue to learn, innovate and design more and better products for consumers. Mr. Zhang also admitted that Kaibo, with six years'experience in lamp research and development and cooperation with former loading factories, obviously has innate advantages compared with the newly introduced rear loading factories, and has a lot of valuable experience and technology. Kaibo uses crystalline silicon-based LED chip, 4 times brightness of halogen lamp, 20 times life of halogen lamp, energy saving more than 50%, and safe, reliable and convenient.

It is an inevitable trend for LED car lights to replace traditional ones.

Zhang Zong analyzed the current situation of the LED lamp market: in the early stage, everyone has little experience, most of them are novices. The quality of the lamp in the market is uneven. Many unqualified products enter the market, which leads to some customers'bad impression of the LED lamp. In addition, the competition between brands is increasing. After a period of explosion, the sales of the rear-loaded LED lamp market began to decline, and experienced. A period of low tide. Now, with the industry technology maturing, the quality of car lights has slowly stabilized, consumers began to accept LED car lights, LED car lights are hot again.

"At present, the LED lamp market mainly depends on the quality to win, blindly entering the outside industry, there is no certain technical level to ensure quality, is unable to stand firm in the LED lamp industry. With the popularization of high-end vehicle lamp configuration, LED lamp is gradually becoming the mainstream in the rear market, and LED lamp will be better and better. It is only a matter of time to replace the traditional lamp.

Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection, LED Car Lamp Lighting Clear Future

The LED lamp market has been developing a little rapidly in the past two years, and it began to show explosive growth in 2017. In summarizing the reasons, Mr. Zhang said that energy conservation and environmental protection are the measures our country has been advocating and practicing. With the continuous improvement of national environmental awareness, it is inevitable that LED, as a new generation of energy-saving and environmental protection light source in the 21st century, will replace the traditional light source. In the past two years, the application technology of LED lamp has gradually matured. It is not only brighter than the traditional lamp, but also has a long life and little light decay. At the same time, many high-end cars of international brands have begun to use LED headlights, such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The recognition and promotion of these brands is also a reason for the rapid development of the LED market. Faced with the obvious advantages of LED lights, customers will naturally abandon the traditional lights and choose LED lights.

Strip lamp pearlescent better, specially for illumination.

You may all know that car lights need not only to be on, but also to be light-type. The function of the lamp illuminates the road ahead, so the light type is very important. If the light type is not good, the light will scatter, and it will easily bring greater security risks.

First, the strip lamp has better pearlescent shape and better lighting effect. Kaibo LED car lights are all made of high-quality strip LED beads, with larger luminous area and better controllable light type. The advantage is that it can form a standard illumination pattern, eliminate astigmatism, non-focus and other factors, so that the highlight of the car lamp can be really used.

Second, the strip lamp beads are closer to the original vehicle light type. The strip LED lamp beads have larger luminous area and the chip luminous mode is closer to the original vehicle halogen lamp. Therefore, it is more suitable for the reflection effect of the original car lamp cup, bringing the standard light type almost identical to the original car, and the lighting effect is better.

Win-win cooperation, win the battle of LED lights

Neiqiang: Kaibo attaches great importance to R&D and quality, and its own hardware and software strength ranks at the forefront of the industry. From the equipment point of view, the factory is equipped with a number of reliability testing instruments: vibration humidity temperature three comprehensive tester, X-ray tester, 10m spectral analyzer, 2m integral sphere tester, EMI tester and so on. In 2017, AOI and solder paste thickness tester were added to equip the lamp production with higher quality standards.

Outreach: In 2017, Kaibo Photoelectric formally reached deep strategic cooperation with Guangdong Yihe Investment Management Co., Ltd. Kaibo and Guangdong Yihe jointly established an independent LED lamp business company, with Mr. Qiu Yilin as the general manager of Guangdong Yihe. He is fully responsible for the global operation of LED automobile lighting products under KBO Kaibo brand, from product project establishment, brand construction, product sales to the city. Field operation, omni-directional operation. With its professional strength and technological precipitation, combined with Guangdong's integrated market resources and operational capacity, KBO Kaibo will become the future leader in the field of LED automotive lighting, and will also promote the automotive lighting industry to a more professional and excellent level.

Fog Lamp and Lens: Key Work of Kaibo in 2018

In 2018, Kaibo will provide consumers with a range of high-quality products, such as fog lamps and lenses. In the field of vehicle lamp, fog lamp and lens are products with high technology content. "The fog lamp we designed is more dazzling. It is an innovative fog lamp with daily travel function. Maybe we should give it a new name? "Fog Street Lamp"? Fog lamp is now in the stage of mass production, formally entering the market in April, and lens will meet you in the second half of this year.

The main standards of automobile lamp specialty are light, machinery, electricity and heat. Optical, structural, electrical and structural properties. For consumers, this is the first criterion for safety, the second criterion for light type, and the third criterion for insufficient brightness. To sum up, it is safe, practical and of good quality.

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