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1. Click on the entry button of the Wechat applet, which will enter the Kaibo Wechat applet. The applet is divided into four parts, dealer inquiry, product introduction, entry quotation, and after-sales service.

2. Distributor inquiry service is related information of KAB cooperative distributors and authorized agents. For end-users, distributor refitting service can be directly selected nearby.

3. Product introduction is the product introduction of Kaibo afterloading market.

4. Enter the quotation board, in order to collect large data advantages for all types of vehicles, provide suitable lamp inquiries for dealers, need decoders and other relevant information tips, and national unified guidance prices for related products.

5. After-sales service is divided into customer complaint and product after-sales section. If the lamp can not be used properly due to product quality problems, please fill in the application information according to relevant tips. After verification, we will reply.

6. The relevant information of our company has copyright, and can not be reproduced without authorization. Once found, it will be repudiated in legal proceedings.

7. After-sales information must be true and complete, and facts must not be fabricated and distorted. Product abnormalities caused by non-product quality factors will not be accepted by our department. Those with serious cases will be dealt with in accordance with relevant laws.

As the program is in the development stage, the relevant information is not perfect. If you have any doubts, please contact our after-sales department as follows. We will reply to you as soon as possible and inform you of the relevant results.

Inquiry contact information:

Mr. Yu:

Tel: 86-0755-23700779.

Email address:

Wechat widget query notes and Kaibo optoelectronic statement:

1. This inquiry service is limited to authorized distributors and agents who have signed cooperation agreements with our company to inquire about lamp matching and recommend retail price use, and to provide network platform services for after-sales products.

2. No one shall copy, reproduce or use this inquiry data in any other form without the written authorization of our company.

3. If customers have any objections to their own information display, please contact our company in time. Our company will check it in the first time and give full assistance to deal with it.

5. The following conditions will result in the inability to query the matching of vehicle lights:

1) Maybe the type information you want to inquire has not been entered into our database.

2) The type of car you entered is different from the inquiry information we expressed. Please try again or contact our after-sales staff for relevant consultation.
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