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The first application of LED technology in bend lighting headlights


The first application of LED technology in bend lighting headlights Dynamic bending lighting headlights - a new technological level in the future. Currently, some lighting equipment still...

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Simplify the design of vehicle body controller by integrating CAN FD and LIN transceivers in the power management IC of Italian semiconductor car regulations


The SPSB081 car standard power management IC of Italian Semiconductor has very rich functions, which can be called the Swiss military knife in the car standard power management chip....

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Nexperia Ultra Low Junction Capacitor ESD Protection Diode Protection Automotive Data Interface


Nexperia, a high-capacity production expert in the field of basic semiconductor devices, today announced the expansion of its ultra-low capacitance ESD protection diode product portfolio. This ...

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OLED panel lighting trends in automotive lighting


OLED (Organic LED) is a result of the development of LED technology. The panel radiator with homologous light scattering has diverse colors of light, and its design has complete flexib...

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Diodes Corporation launches a 300mA output LDO with normal power indication and compliant with automotive specifications, supporting battery power outage load points


Diodes has expanded its portfolio of Low Differential Pressure (LDO) regulators that meet automotive specifications and launched two product lines. The AP7583AQ and AP7583Q series b...

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µ AFS LED headlights


When driving at high speeds, the range of high beam illumination will automatically increase. On the other hand, when driving in the city, the light width will increase, illuminating the roa...

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