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Social Welfare


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Enthusiasm for public welfare is not only a responsibility, but also a responsibility. The rapid development of Kaibo Optoelectronics is inseparable from the strong support of leaders at all levels and the care and love of people from all walks of life. All along, the group upholds the public welfare concept of "caring enterprises, responsible enterprises", assumes the responsibility of caring for the vulnerable groups in society, devotes itself to various public welfare undertakings, and constantly repays the society, from caring for the poor left-behind children, to preparing library for western primary schools, donating money to disaster areas, etc. In the process of development, Kaibo Optoelectronics has gradually assumed more social responsibilities and made every effort to contribute to the harmonious development of society, benefit the masses and contribute to society.

Social Welfare, Footprint

Kaibo Optoelectronic Co-operates with Nanfang Daily, Guangda Bank Shenzhen Branch, EMBA1505 Class of the National People's Congress and Peiyuan School to build Western Primary School

On August 4, 2016, Mr. Zhang Hongliang, chairman of Kaibo Optoelectronics, joined hands with some leaders and volunteers of Guangda Bank Shenzhen Branch, Shenzhen Office of Nanfang Daily and Peiyuan School. He traveled through mountains and rivers, carrying 400,000 yuan worth of books, computers, desks and chairs, schoolbags and pianos, to the Central Primary and Mercy Primary Schools in Ariza Township, Ganzi, Sichuan Province, for 500 here. The construction of "library" and "music room" by many children marked the successful completion of the "book fragrance will last forever, Huize Qianqiu - Western Primary School Assistance Action".

Keyboard Optoelectronics Co-operates with Nanfang Daily and Everbright Bank to assist the Second Western School Construction Initiative

In early August 2017, 11 units or organizations, such as Shenzhen Kaibo Optoelectronic Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Office of Nanfang Daily and Shenzhen Branch of Everbright Bank, organized the second "Book Fragrance Forever, Huize Qianqiu-Western Primary School Construction Assistance Action". Two schools in Yushu District brought more than 400,000 yuan in charity, as well as books, stationery, desks, computers and cold resistance donated by people from all walks of life. Clothing and other caring materials, and the preparation of the library and music room.

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